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**Please Read**....if you can or know how to...xD.

Render used on the "Look at me" preview pic isn't covered in this video, that one was done after the fact for my brother, these 2 are the ones done in the video, still very nice: [link]

I meant to submit this on thanksgiving morning, thursday morning,
but I ran out of time and had to goto my fiance's house. Anyway late arrival, but its here atleast, right?

This is a video tutorial on rendering pretty much, for those that don't know, there is a job out there in the 3D industry that specializes in only Rendering. Though what I do in the video will won't fetch you a job, but atleast it'll help you render better. Chances are if you are watching this, you probably obtained your copy of your softwares illegally or are using student license versions(ultra dirt cheap, but very unlikely, but you never know?!) In the tutorial I am using the full version of cinema 4d R10, well base C4D program with AR plugin and Full Student version of Hypershot 1.7. So if you're using demo versions of the programs, you won't be able to follow correctly. I don't support piracy, but its always there, its kinda hard to avoid it since it seems to be normal, kinda like every Large Person you see, you know that their thinking of food only but you never say anything about them...You just let it go by passively until someone starts up a riot about it...ok bad example , lol.

This video, in 10 parts, is going to show how to download a model from the interweb and how to set up the model in Cinema 4D so that it renders correctly in either Cinema 4D or Hypershot or whatever render engine you may wish to use. The reason for the 10 parts is because there is a Size limit to how big a file can be. The other reason for why some video parts are 10 minutes and some are 5 is because, again, file size, and in some videos there are more colors than others, and more colors per frame equals larger file sizes. All parts are in 15 fps, except Parts 4 and 10 which are at 12 fps. You'll need atleast a 1MBit connection to be able to stream the large video parts, otherwise you'll have to wait for it to load some of it first.

Car that will be used in the tutorial is the Lamborghini Reventon from the game NFS:Shift. I take no credit in making it, I'm just using it as an example, though I do take credit for prepping it and rendering it in hypershot. I show 2 ways of prepping the model, to try to give some variety. xD.

Last, I take no responsibility for what you do with what you learn from my video(s), If you somehow get your arse into some trouble, I'm sure you knew that what you were doing wasn't exactly okay. Anyway you guys can fill in the blanks as to what I'm referring to. You know what? I think I left my sweater at work....darn, I'm so cold typing up this description.

Part01: [link]
Part02: [link]
Part03: [link]
Part04: [link]
Part05: [link]
Part06: [link]
Part07: [link]
Part08: [link]
Part09: [link]
Part10: [link]

Ok guys, enjoy, and ciao
-Anthony V
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November 28, 2009
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