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Skin for Infamouns-WoW's Private Server Launcher by hmoob-phaj-ej Skin for Infamouns-WoW's Private Server Launcher by hmoob-phaj-ej
I'm kind of helping out a private server called Infamous-WoW, over at [link] Anyway I'm sort of like an assistant dev there. But anyway thanks for dropping by.

The top half is the main skin you see when you open it, the lower is the buttons when they are active, bottom left is the download bar when it is download the item-display patch from the server. Bottom right is just the icons I made for it in 48,32,24,16 pixels.

Used Photoshop CS3 to do it.

Logo in the middle is my new logo, the Logo normally isn't there, its usually covered by the registration page. Still need to tweak the Letter a bit and find who made the original A letter so i can try to buy royalty to it. Anyway thanks for dropping by.

Private server's website: [link]
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June 13, 2012
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